Wouter Van Belle - Wow & Flutter out on double vinyl & cd

"I've been composing, recording and playing as long as I remember. As a kid I started recording on 2-track-tape and K7, soon followed by various dictaphones, computers, moviecams, sequencers, cameras, 4-8-16-24 analog reel to reel recorders.
In 1998 a first compilation of these early recordings was made: 11 CDs filled with an array of snippets, experiments and compositions recorded on a wide variety of locations (touring as a foh engineer) and studios while producing, arranging and mixing other artists albums.
In 1999 I left the Motormusic studios for a smaller location, where I started with recording engineer Peter Obbels on my solo album, while continuing my work as a producer for my Petrol label.
A second box with older tape recordings was opened, containing early tape echo, ping-pong and synthesizer-experiments, and anything from childhood piano playing to the Phillicorda organ I played in a rockband. We went from 11 to 22 compilation CDs.
Peter made a selection of material to work on. Then, by
(re)writing, jamming and playing with drummer Karel De Backer and Elko Blijweert on guitar, compiling and editing, I finally ended up with compositions and songs. I asked partner in crime for years Marc Bonne to join on drums and to co-produce the album with Peter Obbels.
We all took our time to make the best sound possible.

As a kid I was kind of addicted to the orchestral work of Andrew Powell with Cockney Rebel, Kate Bush, Pilot, Alan Parsons Project ... so in 2002 I sent him my work in progress.
I feel honoured that he connected to my music, accepted to write the arrangements and introduced me to both Jon Kelly -who mixed the album- and The London Chamber Orchestra (LCO), and that's how I finished my album in London.
The final result is what I was dreaming of."
Wouter Van Belle, November 2005


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Wouter Van Belle - Wow & Flutter double vinyl & cd Limited Edition 2 vinyl + 2CD
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