Wouter Van Belle - Wow & Flutter out on double vinyl & cd

IN (PRE)PRODUCTION: Kowlier - Racoon - Yevgueni's (16.09.2013)

September 2013, Wouter is rounding up the mixing of "Cirque", Flip Kowlier's new album which will be released in October on Petrol.

In August preproduction started for a follow up album to Racoon's Liverpool Rain, the first and highly succesful collaboration Wouter had with the Dutch band in 2012.

In September Wouter also started the production of "Delrue" the solo-debut of Klaas Delrue, lead singer of Yevgueni. Delrue will be singing in French, marking Wouter's re-entry on the Francophone market since producing several hit albums for Axelle Red in the 90s.

AWARDS FOR RACOON (22.07.2013)
Awards for the Dutch Indie band Racoon, following the release of the album 'Liverpool Rain', produced by Wouter.
-Edison Muziekprijs 2011 for the album
-3FM Awards 2012: Best single, No Mercy and Best Album
-Gouden Harp 2012, Buma/Stemra
-Popprijs 2012
-3FM Awards 2013: Best Artist Pop, Best Single (Oceaan), Best Band

Wouter en "Mia" van Gorky, link (27.04.2011)

Discografie Wouter Van Belle (27.04.2011)

2006-07-24 (24.07.2006)
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